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Any seasoned SEO expert will tell you, natural links are the best links. What makes a natural link look natural is that it is embedded in content related to the link target. What if you could mimic this natural look, and still control the content?

Presell pages

Enter the concept of presell pages, also known as hosted marketing pages (HMP). Pre sell pages are essentially paid article placements. Instead of paying for a text link on another website you pay for having an presell article with your sales copy hosted on that website. Embedded in the presell page are natural, deep links to your site.

Presell pages are not like placing an ad on a website; the articles are generally informative and have something valuable to offer to the reader. They are to get the reader in a pre-sold mode, hence the name, PRE SELL PAGES - the visitor shall get into the right mood and click through to the client's site.

Presell pages have been around for approximately two years, and is still a somewhat unknown marketing technique. It is a concept that is bound to explode in the coming years as search engines are getting smarter at filtering paid text links.

Hosted marketing content on .edu domains

The concept of trust has been introduced in a Google patent titled "System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results". The short story on this is that web sites give and receive a trust ranking based on their authority. Naturally sites hosted on the .edu and .gov domains are considered trusted based on them being hard to come by.

Getting .edu text links would be beneficial due to the trust these often old and well linked domains propagate. Imagine having a whole page with your sales copy on it, with 3-5 links pointing to your site, and with several .edu marketing pages you could really move up in the SERPs. With the advent of .edu content hosting, Internet marketing just took a big step.

Writing presell pages

Pre sell pages require a lot more effort than just choosing a suitable anchor text for a link. Hosted marketing pages are generally 300-600 words. Having someone professional write the article does not only offload the client, but also makes sure the article blends well with the writing style of the host. Presellpageman not only offers to broker pre sell pages to you, but also has staff writers that will happily provide the service of writing the actual copy for you.

Earning money by hosting marketing pages

As a webmaster you can offer to host presell pages on your web site. If your site meets the requirements you will be placed in the inventory with a description of your site, along with some statistics like backlinks and age, for buyers to consider. Notice that under no circumstances will the URL of your site be disclosed until buyer has paid, article has been written and the page has been successfully placed. This process is necessary to make sure the inventory is protected from possible blacklisting in the search engines. It is also important that the seller does not disclose the fact that he is selling presell pages or hosted marketing pages, for the same reason.



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