Cheap domain name registration

Resellers can often give better customer service then Regular Registrars. They make deals with wholesale registrars so they can provide all the services of a registrar and provide the service level you want. Price of domains doesn't include extra services they may also bundle with the domain. So please check out all the resellers. We feel that domain resellers are under represented in the domain industry, so here is an exhaustive list of all known domain resellers we know of. Before you choose a register, please make sure they meet these requirements.
1) Must allow for purchase of domains on a https enabled website.
2) Must allow clients to perform direct mainance of their own whois records
3) Must not be an affilate site!
use some domain tool to check registration website, custummer comment, reviews,...
see the list of domain registration here http://domain-registration.domaintools.com/ be useful for you!

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