Google vs. Yahoo! Results

The following chart diagrams 4 searches performed identically at Google and Yahoo!. Details on how specific information for each column was obtained are listed below:

  • AncPos - The position of the site using the search term preceded by allinanchor: at Google
  • PR - Taken from Toolbar PR of Homepage for site or specific page (whichever was higher)
  • Links - Taken from # of results at Yahoo! for the command linkdomain:url.com -site:url.com
  • Age - Taken from Archive.org
  • Quality - A subjective measure of my own to see how valuable I felt the sites content to be. I generally tried to include criteria as objective as possible, i.e. whether they offered information, products & links or just 1-2 of these three, etc. I did not attempt to judge design or the quality of the products or information offered. Pure affiliate or spammy sites received very low ratings.

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