What is the Ad Review Center?

The Ad Review Center is a new publisher tool that enables you to review placement-targeted ads that may appear on your pages. The Ad Review Center provides publishers with more transparency and control over placement-targeted ads appearing on their sites. You can allow or block individual ad groups and advertisers, as well as filter ads by type: text or image.

If you choose to block ads in the Ad Review Center, you'll need to provide your reason for blocking the ad group or advertiser. This feedback, which we provide to advertisers, gives the advertisers more insight on how to adjust their ad quality, content, and relevance in order to appear on more sites.

Learn more about opting in to the Ad Review Center, the ad review options available to you, and how decisions you make in the Ad Review Center can have a revenue impact for you.

AdSense Roll out Ad Review Center to All Publishers

AdSense have today rolled out their new(ish) Ad Review Center for all AdSense publishers. I’m happy about this as I was in this last batch of publishers to see it.

The idea behind the Ad Review Center is that when advertisers target your specific blog you now can see that they’re targeting it and can approve or ban and ad depending on whether you want it to appear on your site or not. This gives you more control over the ads that appear on your site.

Note - this is only for ads targeted to your site (ie general AdSense ads that are contextually placed on your site are not included).

Also keep in mind that when you remove an ad you could be decreasing the profitability of your site as it removes the ad from the ‘auction’ that happens between Advertisers to have their ad appear on your blog.

To find the Ad Review Center log into the ‘Setup’ area of AdSense, then click the ‘Competitive Ad Filter’ area and opt into the Ad Review Center program (it should be highlighted in a little green box).

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